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Serverless React with GraphQL and AWS Amplify
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Nir Kaufman

Trainer: Marcin Mieszek

Course overview

AWS Amplify makes it very easy to build cloud-enabled React applications. Using it you can easily create and configure in your app services like user signup and authentication, GraphQL APIs and Lambda functions. Amplify provides also a complete JavaScript SDK to connect your front-end application to these services.
With GraphQL you can dictate exactly what data you need from the server and eliminate overfetching.
In this workshop you will learn to utilise Amplify capabilities to quickly build a production-ready React application.

What you learn

  • Solidify your core React skills and good practices.
  • Scaffold new cloud services using Amplify CLI.
  • Configure user signup and authentication with AWS Cognito.
  • Create GraphQL API and consume it from the app.
  • Perform GraphQL Queries to access the data and Mutations to modify it.
  • Register GraphQL Subscriptions to enable your app for real-time data.
  • Implement serverless Rest API with AWS Lambda.


  • All attendees should bring their own laptop
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