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Serverless React with GraphQL and AWS Amplify
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Nir Kaufman

Trainer: Marcin Mieszek

Course overview

*AWS Amplify* makes it very easy to build cloud-enabled React applications. Using it you can easily create and configure in your app services like user signup and authentication, *GraphQL APIs* and *Lambda* functions. Amplify provides also a complete JavaScript SDK to connect your front-end application to these services.
With *GraphQL* you can dictate exactly what data you need from the server and eliminate overfetching.
In this workshop you will learn to utilise Amplify capabilities to quickly build a production-ready React application.

What you learn

  • Solidify your core React skills and good practices.
  • Scaffold new cloud services using *Amplify CLI*.
  • Configure user signup and authentication with *AWS Cognito*.
  • Create *GraphQL API* and consume it from the app.
  • Perform *GraphQL Queries* to access the data and *Mutations* to modify it.
  • Register *GraphQL Subscriptions* to enable your app for real-time data.
  • Implement serverless Rest API with *AWS Lambda*.


  • All attendees should bring their own laptop
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