Vitalii Bobrov

Vitalii Bobrov
The Man Who Sold the Amp or How to Process Music with JS

Wondering how JavaScript related to the rock music? With Web Audio it is! You can implement your electric guitar effect that will sound like lamp distortion, overdrive or wah-wah. And process in the real-time using JavaScript and Web Audio API. Afterward, you will be familiar with the theory behind pedals sound, and how to transform it into the code. The live guitar session will prove every code example. Let's rock the Web!

About Vitalii Bobrov

JavaScript Engineer
Vitalii is the JavaScript Engineer with rich Angular and NgRx experience in enterprise projects. For the last couple of years, he lives in Poland, but Ukraine will live in his heart forever. This guy is not just nerd, but tech speaker, ngGirls mentor, and the father of the excellent little girl.