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Jakub Andrzejewski

How to avoid bad performance after going live? -> Use Contionous Performance Audits

Throughout my development career, especially in supporting various companies to build e-commerce websites, I've encountered numerous cases of poor website performance. This is a serious issue affecting not just the business but also its customers, as lagging performance often translates into a subpar User Experience. Waiting to measure performance until after a site goes live is generally a recipe for trouble and can be hard to rectify.

In this talk, I'll introduce you to the solution: Continuous Performance Audits. We'll explore tools like Lighthouse CI, Page Speed Insights API, and GitHub Actions to proactively address these challenges.

Jakub Andrzejewski - Senior Developer, Vue Storefront | Poland

Meet our esteemed speaker, a Senior Fullstack Developer at Vue Storefront and a multi-faceted tech ambassador for Nuxt.js, Storyblok, Algolia, Cloudinary, and Supabase. Recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Web Performance, they are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge in Nuxt, Vue, and performance optimization. As a fervent Open Source Evangelist, they continue to advocate for community engagement and collective learning. Don't miss the chance to learn from a developer who not only codes but also empowers others to excel in the ever-evolving world of web development!

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Jakub Andrzejewski

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Stay tuned, more speakers will be announced soon!

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