Sustainable Angular-Architectures Manfred Steyer - Free Exclusive Webinar

Sustainable Angular-Architectures with Nx Monorepos and Strategic Design

NOVEMBER 10, 2020 (Online)

18:00 (Central European Time)

Monorepos allow huge enterprise applications to be subdivided into small and maintainable libraries. This is, however, only one side of the coin: We need to first define criteria for slicing our application into individual parts and we must establish rules for communication between them. 

This webinar looks at a solution provided by Strategic Domain-Driven Design. Using an Angular-based case study, we investigate the idea of the ubiquitous language and the bounded context, sub-domains, and context mapping. Building on this, you will learn how to implement these ideas for Angular using Nx monorepos. We also discuss approaches for reducing coupling between the specific parts of our monorepo and for enforcing your architecture.

By the end, you will have a technical solution and appropriate methodology to build sustainable Angular solutions.

📢 Note, there are only 100 seats available. 📢

Meet the master: Manfred Steyer

Trainer, consultant and programming architect with focus on Angular.

 Trusted Collaborator for Angular who writes for O’Reilly the German Java Magazine, windows.developer and Heise.

 Google Developer Expert (GDE).

 Microsoft MVP.

 Active worldwide conference speaker & workshop trainer.

 Author of books.

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