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Shai Reznik

Shai Reznik

Test Effective Development - End 2 (What) End?

That was me... screaming at the computer screen, when my test suite ran for several minutes... just to find out that 50 tests just broke!
All the time saving I thought I'd get from not having to chase down bugs was replaced with time wasted on constantly fixing broken (and slow) tests.
Developers want to sleep tight knowing they didn't break production.
Companies want to be efficient in order to meet their customer needs faster and to gain competitive advantage sooner.
We ALL want to be cost effective!
But how do we do that?
In this talk I'll share the no. 1 strategy developers can apply when writing "End 2 End" tests to gain maximum confidence without wasting their time on inefficient tests.
My mom is excited as well...

Founder of and

Shai Reznik or "That guy who always talks about testing..." is the founder of which focuses on cost effective testing training. Being a leading part of the JavaScript community since 2012 and a Google Developer Expert, Shai has been speaking all over the world giving wild and entertaining talks. His courses and training have helped thousands of developers enjoy a stress free life and while increasing their code confidence, quality and efficiency. And his lectures have been viewed by over 170,000 developers (and probably a few random people as well!) As a hobby, Shai does improv and standup comedy and loves to tease friends with weird sweaters.

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