The International JavaScript Conference Jan 26, 2022
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Ruben Bridgewater

Ruben Bridgewater

Keynote: The Transformation of JavaScript - The Beginning, Today and Tomorrow

Languages evolve. Programming languages and regular languages alike. Mostly, they become richer and improve our communication and understanding of a specific topic. Frequently used programming languages mostly had a good set of core features from the start that are steadily improved without adding features that change the overall usage drastically. JavaScript, contrarily, started very basic and grew significantly. Who could imagine working without e.g., async/await, for...of or block scope?

Javascript has undergone a huge transformation over time. From not having the possibility to have type safe equality checks and weird quirks that allowed statements like `a == 1 && a == 2` to evaluate to true to a full fledged language that facilitates developers to reduce their time and effort to write complex applications to an absolute minimum. It has come from a language that was belittled due to it's (hopefully long forgotten) initial shortcomings to the most used programming language around the globe that is now loved by many, many developers.

Ecma International's TC39 is constantly working on new ECMAScript language features that allow developers to create software easier, faster and more intuitively. Let's recap these immense milestones, gain an overview of most recent JavaScript features and have an outlook on what is there yet to come.

Principal IT-Architect at MaibornWolff and Node.js Technical Steering Committee member

Ruben is a Principal IT-Architect at MaibornWolff and Node.js Technical Steering Committee member. As such, Ruben is consulting companies how to implement software architecture best practices in their daily work. His main emphasis is building powerful and easy-to-use APIs for scalable and fast applications. On top of that, Ruben is continuously working to improve developer experience in the JavaScript ecosystem to enable fellow software developers crafting new software faster and with joy.

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