JavaScript Conference 2019
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Michał Mikołajczyk

Michał Mikołajczyk

Session: Digital Inclusion

The Digital Divide is a limiter to the potential of millions of people around the world – also in Poland. Away from the glamour of big cities, there are a lot of talented people, who simply don’t know that they can live a different life.

We built communities and hosted meetups in big cities with vibrant IT markets. We shared our experience about the privileges of remote work with thousands of people. Now we want to deliver that message to the people who are away from startup hubs, universities, to small cities where the unemployment rate is higher and where people are technologically unprivileged.

This is a community-driven project. It is free for everyone, all the materials will be published open source. What’s in it for you? You can be a force that bridges this Digital Divide by participating in our events, contributing to the materials, and sharing your experience with the less privileged. We can help you do that, and people actually need your help. A lot of technical people want to change the world. Here’s your chance to change people’s lives!

Full Stack Engineer, Toptal | Poland

Michal is a self-taught Software Engineer, who has been with Toptal for more than 5 years. His background is in life sciences. He currently works as CIO for the startup Multichain Ventures. For the last 4 years, Michal acted as a voluntary Community Leader for Toptal in Warsaw.

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