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Luca Mezzalira

Luca Mezzalira

Keynote Session: I don't understand micro-frontends

In 2019 a new frontend architecture raised from the community getting more traction in medium-large size companies. The community splits into people who believes micro-frontends could help delivering autonomous part of our applications accelerating and improving the way organisations work and who believes are not a silver bullet and they could be considered almost an anti-pattern. During the keynote, Luca will provide an explanation of what micro-frontends are and what are the key concepts behind this new frontend architecture.

Luca Mezzalira - VP of Architecture @ DAZN | United Kingdom

I’m the VP of Architecture at DAZN with more than 15 years of experience, a Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies and the London Javascript community Manager. I had the chance to work on cutting-edge projects for mobile, desktop, web, TVs, set top boxes and embedded devices. I am currently designing DAZN with my team, a sports video platform based on the cloud with millions of users that are watching live and on-demand contents. I have introduced a micro-frontends architecture in DAZN for the web platform as well as living room devices, providing a high level of flexibility, delivery speed and independence for our distributed teams.

Google Developer Expert

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