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Katarzyna Puczko

Katarzyna Puczko

Lightning talk: Time is an illusion

Event loop in JS may be a whimsical beast. It seems to work politely most of the time, but once you change the environment - be prepared for little pranks. I had a simple feature in my application. When user is idle for too long, popup, with countdown to logout, is displayed. It worked everywhere. Almost... Countdown was bugged in Safari, only on inactive tabs. Fortunately, I’ve quickly identified and fixed cause of this bug, so now, counter works properly in all browsers! I’ll tell you exactly what happened so, you too will handle event loops quirks in a breeze.

Front-end Developer, Pragmatic Coders | Poland

Katarzyna (Pelcia for friends) is smart, rapidly learning, Angular Developer, with great attention to detail. She’s also a real people person, bringing instant smile to faces of colleagues around. For this reasons, she solves software problems quickly and avoids unnecessary quarrels, even before they start. After work, she organizes Kraków ngGirls and helps newcomer girls enter the world of JavaScript and Angular development.

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