The International JavaScript Conference Jan 26, 2022
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Gerard Sans

Gerard Sans

Presentation Title: How did GitHub Copilot learn JavaScript !?!

I mean… where do I even start? As a JavaScript Developer the struggle is real. There's JavaScript fatigue, new releases, new APIs, and the list keeps growing. How is possible that an AI beat us all to it and has the audacity to come up with code recommendations!? No need to look into stackoverflow, you write a comment with a description and a code snippet is proposed for you. In this talk I will look into the milestones that allowed openAI, a company in SF founded by Elon Musk, to achieve such incredible results. We will explore together all its capabilities and some of the more technical details like GPT models, transformers, codex, what's the current progress and what we can expect in the future.

Developer Evangelist for Web and Cloud

He is a serial conference speaker with over 150 talks in 37 countries, 60 technical trainings using Angular, Vue and React. He is a big fan of GraphQL and runs GraphQL London/San Francisco groups."

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