The International JavaScript Conference 2022
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Dawid Kędzierski

Dawid Kędzierski

Presentation Title: Making Legacy Code Your Friend

Who doesn't like to constantly work with the newest technologies, right? Who doesn't like to always work in projects with zero days of Tech Debt, no code smells, clean code and architecture and 100% of test coverage? Meanwhile, around the world, there’s much more legacy, crappy, buggy, spaghetti (call it as you wish) code created than the good one, and someone needs to maintain it. However, it doesn’t need to be painful, or a journey through hell! Let me explain to you how we deal with it here, at Vizlib, with real-world examples. This presentation will showcase best practices, basic theory, pro tips and strategies, and hopefully debunk some of the myths regarding dealing with Legacy Code. Believe it or not, the developers in my team no longer feel the difference between working on bugs or features - both have become fun, enjoyable and teachable for us. Will it be the same for you?

Team Leader at Vizlib

Dawid Kędzierski is a successful Team Leader aiming to become a Developer Advocate. He’s starting his journey as a conference speaker and, for the past couple of years, has been teaching classes at a leading university - where he inspires young developers excited about Web Technologies. In his own words, “Professionals teach young developers discipline and the skill of being a craftsman. They guide the next batch of software engineers to maturity". Dawid sets a very high standard for himself to achieve the best, and expects the same from others. He is a fan of Angular, Svelte and Nest.js, Brutalism and Abstractionism, pop music (Madonna!), GTA and Diablo.

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