The International JavaScript Conference Jan 26, 2022
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Chen Salomon

Chen Salomon

Presentation Title: Impact Driven Engineering

Impact Driven Engineering - If you ask every employee at, what word is heard the most in the halls of he’d say “impact”. “Impact” isn’t just on the tip of the founders’ or team leaders’ tongues but something on every developer’s mind. What’s the difference between impact-driven development and one that focuses on getting the most done or trying to release products without bugs?
Chen will talk about how we transformed the abstract concept of impact into the perspective in which’s developers view and measure their progress and how everyone can implement impact-driven R&D practices

R&D Group Manager at

Chen is a development group manager at In his previous role, he was VP R&D at Playbuzz/ In the last few years, Chen has managed teams and groups of several sizes, including remote teams. He has over a decade of experience in engineering, mainly on the server-side, and he specializes in high-scale web environments, cloud, and microservices architectures.

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