Joanna Bochyńska

Joanna Bochynska
How is JavaScript similar to any foreign language you know

Have you ever thought that JavaScript can be treated as another foreign language? Do you know how many mechanisms in JS are similar to these that we may found in 'regular' languages? As a philologist and front-end developer I find new common things between these two areas in my everyday work. They don't stop to amaze me.

What is also similar in JavaScript and foreign language? Logic, doing the same things in two different ways, having very similar way to do more than one thing and ...many more! I won't reveal all the secrets! I can only assure you that JavaScript can be treated as a foreign language and what we get as an output can be pretty exciting! In my presentation I will show how JS is similar to English, French, Hindi and any other language you know. With the examples! I will also tell you how to use these similarities to learn faster. Are you curious?

About Joanna Bochyńska

Frontend Developer / Blogger - Wake up and Code
Over two years ago I had decided to change my career and see what it was about coding. As a philologist, I was working in a big corporation in sales support. Next year was an amazing journey to me - I became front-end developer, focusing on JavaScript. I also started to share my thoughts about 'becoming a programmer' journey on my blog ( Moreover, I have noticed that there is not many female coders and this is why I started Facebook group "Programuj, dziewczyno!" ("Code, girl!") that today gathers other 14k of women interested in coding and is one of the biggest female oriented IT group in Poland. During these two years in IT industry I have noticed how amazing is the power of community. I started my own meet-ups, organised free basic programming trainings (via my blog & as part of girls.js organisation). I also created online course with programming basics. I want to share my knowledge and energy during JS Poland and discover how does it feel to speak to such a big crowd :)