Tomek Sułkowski

Tomek Sułkowski
You don't know TS: often unknown parts of TypeScript

TypeScript is _the_ language for Angular, but gains popularity in Vue and React ecosystems as well. And for a good reason: it improves the development experience a lot. During this talk I will show some of the more - and less - typical parts of the language that can make a huge improvement to your codebase.

About Tomek Sułkowski

Developer at fourTheorem, Consultant & Trainer at Sages
Tomek is a frontend engineer with a passion for improving development experience. He focuses on making our tools of trade not only performant and comfortable for seasoned programmers, but also accessible and fun for the newcomers. He frequently shares the knowledge on workshops, podcasts, dev-events (co-organizing AngularTricity), in articles and the “tip-of-the-day” tweets.