Tomasz Ducin

Tomasz Ducin
The many meanings of Inversion of Control (IoC) in JavaScript

Inversion of Control is a programming technique used in all kind of languages and platforms. Often mistakenly, identified with Dependency Injection, is actually an entire set of various solutions that, among others, JavaScript is using a lot. We're gonna take a look at real life examples of inverting the control, design patterns, as well as tools such as React, Redux, RxJS. All the whys, whats and hows.

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Frontend Architect, Developer & Trainer
Advocate of modern JavaScript solutions. Critic of buzzwords. Experienced in both frontend and backend. Keen on designing interfaces and APIs. Trainer with a passion to explain how things work, avoid unnecessary decisions and over-complicated solutions, so that our code become simpler. Passionate about solving technical and organisational issues. Ex-theatre-actor. Probably addicted to coffee, for sure addicted to music.

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