Glenn Reyes

Glenn Reyes
From learning to thinking in GraphQL

GraphQL has been unlocking tons of possibilities in the JavaScript world. Over the past years, we've witnessed a lot of improvements in the spec, a huge amount of toolings and whole new ecosystem around GraphQL.

Things are evolving really fast in the web and we are forced to keep learning and building products at this pace. Being new to GraphQL, a lot concerns and hurdles need to be overcome such as Authorization & Authentication, Storing Data, Caching, Project Structure & Organization, Real-time Events and many more.

In this talk I will share my journey from learning GraphQL, over building GraphQL apps and solving aboves challenges to thinking in GraphQL.

About Glenn Reyes

Freelance Front-End Engineer
Front-end Engineer, builds modern user interfaces and apps with React & GraphQL, loves OSS, co-organizes React Vienna meetups, plays JM music on guitar.

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